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Interpreting somebody else’s feelings and emotions into a tangible visual art piece, now that is an exciting prospect for an artist, and for me this is what commission work entails. 

I regularly take on commissions for both Mixed Media and Abstract Paintings. 


So how does it work I hear you ask! I will have many questions for you, to work out if I am the right fit for the piece of work you would like and to get a clear picture of what it is you are after. I can then work alongside you or just take it from there, up until the finish. 

Pricing, there are way too many variables to give exact pricing, send me a message and I can give you a rough idea very promptly. 

I will require a 25% deposit before starting any work and at that point I can give you a fairly accurate timescale of how long things will take, bearing in mind that this is a creative process and somethings don't always go to plan!

I look forward to hearing from you, the first step is to send me a message:

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